Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Release Day!

It's awesome to be a part of DP's sizzling 1NS series.

Decadent Publishing

If a Tree Grows...

Forget wondering about trees falling, whether they cry out only if some one can hear. In the forest of authors, voices can murmur, chatter, and shout. Offer a novel for free, be lucky enough to have awesome sites help promo, and your voice can reach thousands. Many thanks to all those downloading book 1 in a series a decade in the making. Day 2 has started with 2550 copies clicked on. And I just broke into the top hundred in the entire kindle free store, number 2 for sci-fi!Amazon link for Splintered Energy

Free until Saturday, 4-28

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 is Lucky? Hmm....

Tagged again. Thanks to a talented author and friend, Edith Parzefall, I've given in.
Here's 7 lines that are 7 lines down from the top of page 77 in a WIP that's taking me a decade to finish.

A slow brush over Aaron’s chest and stomach—precise, circular stroking, and Aaron moaned as Mal glanced at Jaylynn. “Be comfortable on his other side and I beg you to find forgiveness. My kill list has increased. Two miserable colors acted on ludicrous impulse, thinking they’d help me.”

Jaylynn crawled to sit on the blanket beside Aaron. This was getting stranger by the minute. Mal’s gaze sparkled now with such affection as he looked from her to Aaron, her heart started galloping again. She turned to Aaron. “I can’t believe Caream would ever taser Damon.”

           “Er…he means a green cutie and a sociopath. Oh Lord, Mal, I can barely talk. Your fingers…wow.”
Here's seven victims who'll most likely risk being struck by seven bolts of lighting because they'll ignore me.
Cate Masters
Fred Vrabinec
Barbara Elsborg
Laurie Green
D L Jackson
Sara Durham
Stacey Joy Netzel

Sunday, April 1, 2012