Sunday, February 26, 2012


Thursday and Friday,  3645 people downloaded book one of the color series for no charge, pushing me to rank in the top hundred of the kindle bookstore. In a pool of thousands clamoring for attention with free reads, that many clicked on Splintered Energy and maybe, just maybe, some of them will read it and indirectly share a smile, chuckle, and a few tears with me.
Most thrilling of all, a magical number of 21 have purchased book 2 so far, leaving me to assume they want to continue the journey. How cool is that!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CLICK-GET FREE READ-Yippee, My Rank Climbs-Thanks!

Amazon Link 
Offer a novel for free, people snap it up and then the story rises above a zillion others for a few glorious hours so more people notice it.
Please help on Thursday and Friday, Feb 23 and 24th, assuming I didn’t screw up with the setting in the Kindle Direct Program, and click yes, you want to buy Splintered Energy for $0.00.
I’d love more tags and likes while you’re there as well. 
Here’s the blurb I may use for the print book:

Dawn breaks—literally.

Energy sparks across the horizon, power grids go down, and a few hapless humans fall dead. A moment later, hearts regain their beat.

California. A widower's twelve-year-old son is rather young to bring home a woman, especially a collapsed green beauty too frightened to open her eyes.
Arizona. A divorcee blinks hard, but the gorgeous guy stepping in front of her car is still red—hello, ditch. When she comes around, she wonders which layer of hell she's fallen into.
Ohio. A teen also fears he’s dealing with the demonic, but no matter how dangerous things become, he’s determined to stand by a man with inhumanly blue eyes.

Sentient beings, trapped in human form, can’t recall a past other than a blissful haven. Only one learns to hide his unique skin color, and he assumes the identity of the victim, Malcolm James. Malcolm has a goal: return to wherever it is he belongs—ASAP. News clips show the escalating violence. He predicts those who cross paths with color, himself included, will become permanently scarred or worse, killed because he's certain concerning one fact. Living light does not belong grounded.

I hope anyone who grabs a copy of Splintered Energy, you get a chance to read it and you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wow and Wow Again. Second Place Winner!

On a day I was too busy to even comment on D L Jackson's celebration of two sci-fi romance writers joining her blog, a panel of judges checked out the posts and geez, I won a gift certificate to thinkgeeks dot com.
Shrug. It's obvious these impartial judges must have had a few drinks.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ask for the Moon-This is What I Get

I love my friend Chris. She's brilliant at photography. Not quite the moon I'd hoped for, but perfect nevertheless.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Home Invasion Multiples

Being the lamest cook on the planet, I don't have much in the fridge and you'd think what little I have wouldnt be in a plastic bag for months. Sept 28, I purchased two turnips. January 31, I pulled them out and cursed.
Why do somethings fight so hard to survive?

For months, since May I think, I've brooded about a frickin' sweet potatoe that refuses to rot, die, content to live in a ceramic dish without water or soil. In December, I thought to show compassion. I laid the damn thing across a pot of moist, fresh soil giving this concentration camp survivor full assess to at least a four star restaurant. Sigh. January 31, I lifted it. No roots, no rot, just strong turgid leaves and stem. Well, now it's a race to see if turnip decays, kills, mates with, or ignores sweet potatoe who will obviously outlast the cockroachs when armageddon happens.