Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was thrilled to be included in a new series by Decadent Publishing and have a release date of the first day of a brand new year. Delayed a week, but what the hell, it wasnt me that wasnt prepared! I'd never heard of the term preppers before, but you'd think the concept of being prepared has to be internal in our genetic code or we'd not have survived as a species.
 Me? I'm neither insect. I'm too lazy to prepare for all the scenerios that could happen, but I also live in an area that can get 2 feet of snow overnight and power outages.  This morning I woke to a half foot, and wow, actually had gloves, hat and boots. Holding a cup of hot earl grey in hand, made from water I distilled myself so no oily residue, I didnt even think how life sucks as I pushed snow aside to drive to work.


Cate Masters said...

I'm in the adaptive category too. :)
Love love love that cover. Can't wait for your release date so I can snag a copy!

Fred said...

I'm the fly that's taking a crap on the window. My life sucks, too, but at least I haven't had to shovel the driveway yet.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Congrats, Arlene!!! The day is here.