Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was thrilled to be included in a new series by Decadent Publishing and have a release date of the first day of a brand new year. Delayed a week, but what the hell, it wasnt me that wasnt prepared! I'd never heard of the term preppers before, but you'd think the concept of being prepared has to be internal in our genetic code or we'd not have survived as a species.
 Me? I'm neither insect. I'm too lazy to prepare for all the scenerios that could happen, but I also live in an area that can get 2 feet of snow overnight and power outages.  This morning I woke to a half foot, and wow, actually had gloves, hat and boots. Holding a cup of hot earl grey in hand, made from water I distilled myself so no oily residue, I didnt even think how life sucks as I pushed snow aside to drive to work.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Loaded Nook?!

Only from an awesome publisher like Decadent is there a chance to win a fulled loaded Nook. Just need to comment, the more often the better. I'd love to know what favorite drink you'd like to sip while reading any one of these awesome stories, including a quirky M/M romance based on Norse myths that features a villianous parasitic plant, a descendent of a famous vampire slayer, gingerbread house, candy canes and so forth. 
Here's the link. Good luck and have some fun.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coming Soon...

This cover is so perfect. From the bright lighting, the droplets on the guy, the correct season, I couldnt be more thrilled. A fantastic start to a new series by Decadent that I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blank Page

There's nothing like it. No editing yet, no reading a preceding paragraph wondering where it's headed, just an empty screen waiting for black on white imagination to fill it.
I suspect a tome of a novel that's been in the works for 4.5 billion years or so won't reach an ending in a few weeks. Regardless of this world gone or not, however many doorways open into unfamilar rooms, that blank page will be always there, waiting. How cool is that?
Hey, maybe the next group of calender makers will use a pic of a fireman instead.