Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

 The eagle, wolf, predators in general arent quite as impressive to me anymore. Amazing what herbivores can do when they wish to stand alone.

Some pics just scream photoshop in comparison so, shrug, I'm thinking the sheep really does have mountain goat genes.
FYI: There is no reason for this blog post other than avoiding the WIP and the empty flower cooler.

Monday, July 9, 2012

And the 1NS Blog Hop Winners Are...!

Grand Prize # 1 - Kindle Touch
#1404 - Erykah Wyck's blog - Yvette
Grand Prize #2 - $50 gift certificate
#135 - Kerry Adrienne's blog - Megan @ Riverina Romantics
Grand Prize #3 - Goodies from Coffee Time Romance
#326 - C.R. Moss's blog - Teresa T. Miller

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a huge thank you to Jessica for all her hard work organizing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1NS Blog Hop July 5-8

Dear Madame Evangeline,
As you can see by my attached application, I am an ideal candidate for your matching service. Unless you believe in ghosts (ha ha), it’ll be impossible for me to breach contract by attempting to find anyone who wishes to remain a stranger after a one-night stand.
This would surely be a risk-free set up for any potential date. Please consider leaving out details of my identity, as I fear opportunistic journalists/news reporters. With that in mind, I left the preferred height, weight, shape, race, personality, and so forth options blank. Clean with an XY chromosome is more than I deserve, and all this sinner would hope for.
If you’re wondering how one such as me could have the audacity to even contact you, well, what do I have to lose? I beg pardon for my crudeness, but seeing as electrocution is currently an acceptable form of execution in this sovereign state, I’ve fantasized for months about a bang the night prior to the roast.
I have the means to persuade the warden into allowing this rendezvous to happen. Authorities may agree just to avoid agitation between the anticipated media spectacle and me. There’s been much controversy concerning a woman in the electric chair for the first time in a decade, and the warden expects I’ll remain steadfast in my refusal to appeal or prolong the inevitable. With consideration of my right to exit this world sooner rather than later, I anticipate every home within a thousand mile radius will have their power off Saturday afternoon, two weeks from today.
I’ll be moved to the D ward shortly and unable to converse further with anyone but the chaplain and warden. Please consider this my last request.
Prison number 24609
Joan Bennett

Here's some trivia unknown before now to any one other than me and my plagarizing mind: I hesitated before hitting send and submitting this story, then changed the final digit in Joan's prison number from 1 to 9.
 I knew I'd be dammed lucky to get a contract from a popular publisher such as Decadent, let alone trying to get away with stealing from Victor Hugo (Jean Valjean, 24601).
 Les Miserables is a musical I could listen to repeadedly. I'm not sure the sound track would be my last request, but if it did happen to be playing I wouldn't object.
Here's aother bit of info that the world should already know: There's 32 participating authors in this 1NS blog hop, and a chance for two grand prizes. A Kindle Touch for 1st, and a 50$ Amazon gift card for second. But forget those prizes, and comment here for a chance to win the best, most fantastic...stop laughing...fine, what I sincerely hope will be a fun read. I'll pick someone at random to gift an e-copy of their choice of my stories with Decadent.  Tell me, what would you request for background music while the grin reaper stood over you?

So, short and sweet and to get to the point, it'd be awesome if you didnt  wait to see if you won Last Request, but grabbed it now. Decadent Publishing
and then  Click Here For Some Amazing Authors and continue the hop.
Thank you!
Arlene Webb, prison number not to be revealed.