Sunday, June 24, 2012

Damn B-and Bull-days.

I  just learned a person of importance to me wishes to mark a milestone b-day (big 30) in
July, 2014.
I have no problem with a 6'3" dude fleeing thousands of tons of horned pent up rage. I'm even confident he'd stop to bend, lend a helping hand to a fellow idiot who's tripped and then manage to continue without more injury than his hand being crushed as he pulls the guy up.
I think running is good for him and it'd be a memory of a lifetime.
But, I have a problem with participating in a stampede that is a precursor to a celebration of torture until dead. If I was to take a life, I’d opt for clean and fast. Causing pain for amusement, information, revenge only makes me wish to target the skull of the tormenter as well as the prospective hamburgers, spy, serial killer.
Being proactive, I have a plan.
If he doesn’t agree to also participate in a march the day prior, showing he gets the flip side of the coin, I could step up and do so for him.
That’s a problem. I fear there’ll be massive numbers of people dropping dead from horror. Regardless, animals have rights as well as humans, and he’s just going to have to man-up and promise to do both or, Spain, 2014 here I come. 


Fred said...

Eww, I don't know how anyone can sit through that. Torture a poor, confused animal to death. Just club him over the head and eat him.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ewww from me too! Sounds horrible to me.And dangerous!!!