Sunday, June 24, 2012

Damn B-and Bull-days.

I  just learned a person of importance to me wishes to mark a milestone b-day (big 30) in
July, 2014.
I have no problem with a 6'3" dude fleeing thousands of tons of horned pent up rage. I'm even confident he'd stop to bend, lend a helping hand to a fellow idiot who's tripped and then manage to continue without more injury than his hand being crushed as he pulls the guy up.
I think running is good for him and it'd be a memory of a lifetime.
But, I have a problem with participating in a stampede that is a precursor to a celebration of torture until dead. If I was to take a life, I’d opt for clean and fast. Causing pain for amusement, information, revenge only makes me wish to target the skull of the tormenter as well as the prospective hamburgers, spy, serial killer.
Being proactive, I have a plan.
If he doesn’t agree to also participate in a march the day prior, showing he gets the flip side of the coin, I could step up and do so for him.
That’s a problem. I fear there’ll be massive numbers of people dropping dead from horror. Regardless, animals have rights as well as humans, and he’s just going to have to man-up and promise to do both or, Spain, 2014 here I come. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Blog Hop

Science. Very cool. Science provides the facts so we can believe in things greater and smaller than the mind could imagine, at least without authors willing to pull reason out of the grey matter and force words onto the page. Here's a fact: There's a celestial show, as well as math stuff, to prove a day (June 20) will be the longest of the calendar year. Yeah, yeah, swallow your yawn. You don’t have to brace, readying to skim this post thinking I'll blither  about planets aligned, solstice, and science all by itself.
Fiction. Cool, even on its own without the adjective, very. But, just to be deviant, instead of fiction here's a non-fiction news flash: There's 37 fabulous authors sharing mystical or scientific blog posts and giving away prizes, including 2 grand prizes for a randomly picked pair, in our first ever SFR Brigade blog hop, all day on June 22. You just have to comment. 1st Prize - a Kindle Touch or Nook Touch. 2nd Prize -a library of SFR titles from over 20 authors and an Anabanana Gift Card. That's awesome science fiction to read under the stars.

Whaaat? Not impressed? Feel as if something's missing? Fine. We'll move on to the good stuff.
Romance. Not cool, but oh so hot and lonely when all by itself. Add fiction, and it gets better, yet a pair can be quite cliched. When science comes along to make it a threesome, science fiction romance, not much to say, except wow!!
Just think, if we'd never had the science to rocket from earth to the moon, never had fiction writers produce a world famous TV sitcom, we'd never know the ending to a great romance. I'm here to tell you that "One of these days, Alice." did finally happen for Ralph Kramden and it took science to find the proof, and fiction to claim that the romance, which had a not-so-happy-ever-after-ending, finaled on the longest day of the year.
And now, on to the promo.
I'd love to gift an e-book, the first in a series of four, to a commentator wishing to jump into my colorful world of science fiction romance.
Amazon  Please check it out. Do ignore that review from a reader who objects to romance in a sci-fi novel clearly labeled as such. In fact, only look at all the reviews with a full sky of at least 5 stars. If you hit that buy link while there, and you're a winner, I'll compensate by sending you book two or any other you'd like. Please leave an email address if you comment.
Ready to go onward? What a great way to celebrate summer than with some awesome writers!
Please click on the link below and make it so.
LINK TO SFRB and Blog Hop List

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not Much to Say Except Wow!

IBD Verdict:
Splintered Energy is like the anatomy of light, spearheaded with a mystical plot, filled with colorful characters (literally) and yet so original & pristine.