Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Dance! 5 star and Top Pick for Let it Rain

Every time I see that notice there's a review on something I've written, I debate whether I should open the email fast, like pulling off a bandaid, or wait until the day's ended and I could chug a bottle of vodka, and pass out as needed.
I usually open it right away and read as fast as I can, like that's going to change what's been said, stamped on a story with the permanence of the internet something I've written from the heart.

I'm thrilled to have opened this email from my publisher, MuseitUp, as soon as I found it. Not only the coveted 5 stars, but a top pick!!!

Night Owl Reviews


Author Page   Night Owls is one awesome site. They made me an author's page. smile.


Fred said...

That's an awsome review. Came just in time, didn't it? Ah, what a roller coaster ride this is.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Well done, Arlene!!! At last!!!!!!!

Arlene said...

Yes, it did Fred. A review saying I suck, then another claiming other wise. But its hard to care about the negative on SE when it's to vague to know what disappointed and no way will I ever believe the writing is sloppy. Not when SE was edited by the very best.