Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Home Invasion Multiples

Being the lamest cook on the planet, I don't have much in the fridge and you'd think what little I have wouldnt be in a plastic bag for months. Sept 28, I purchased two turnips. January 31, I pulled them out and cursed.
Why do somethings fight so hard to survive?

For months, since May I think, I've brooded about a frickin' sweet potatoe that refuses to rot, die, content to live in a ceramic dish without water or soil. In December, I thought to show compassion. I laid the damn thing across a pot of moist, fresh soil giving this concentration camp survivor full assess to at least a four star restaurant. Sigh. January 31, I lifted it. No roots, no rot, just strong turgid leaves and stem. Well, now it's a race to see if turnip decays, kills, mates with, or ignores sweet potatoe who will obviously outlast the cockroachs when armageddon happens.


Fred said...

Don't you cut up a sweet potato the same way you do a regular one around the eyes, plant the pieces, and it gets roots from there? I'm not sure that works with a whole one. I'll have to go on line and look it up.

Arlene said...

You crucify the tuber (potatoe) with toothpicks to support it in water until roots show, then the foliage comes. This thing has had foliage for months, the little bumps for roots are along each stem, but it's genetically a screwball for not shooting out roots.
And this morning I flipped over Turnip. Fresh crisp roots, at least a half inch out its base and into the soil.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Hilarious. Where's your garbage pail?