Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zentangle: There is no Order or Disorder Not even a Spoon (Matrix)

The art of using patterns to encourage mediation and right brain activity.
“You have to come,” said Good Friend. "I sent you the real cool invite."
“Er…on a Saturday? Close work early? Hell yes,” said the right side of my brain.
“Idiot, she’ll expect you to follow directions, pay attention and frickin’ draw,” said the little used left side of my brain.
“Go back to sleep,” said right side to left. “I dominate, I control flights of fantasy and zentangle encourages that, meaning you, dear logical and precise mathematical left side are screwed. Once I rule the entire brain, chaos will reign. We’ll have ice cream for dinner, as well as breakfast. We’ll make word patterns out of back-white dullness, float like a leaf in the wind to better worlds whenever blah blah yaks at us, pretend to care and…lose what little train of thought we ever held to. ”
“Crap,” said I. “All that from just making some doodles over and over and over?”
The setting was delightful, thanks to attention to the most intricate details.

My masterpiece.
Hm, head isn't humming. Does that mean right and left hemispheres have put down the swords? If so, the theroy behind zentangle pumping up right brain function is off, as far as this brain is concerned. There is a certain stillness, calmness in knowing patterns exist without confinement, and from a basic grid, curve, open or closed circle, hell I bet I could sneak in squares, comes whatever choas the pencil stroke wants, and at whatever speed. Fast and thin worked for me. Others had alot of white space and damn, their patterns didnt look like they'd each had a shot of vodka, but hey whatever it takes for me. Brain waves cooperating predicts the electric bursts, repetition of the stress of the day can be confined to a little square tile.
Which, by the way, comes in black as well.


Cate Masters said...

Wow, I love these! Very Escher-esque. I'd love to just sit and draw sometime. I haven't done that in years (um, decades?) :)

Fred said...

Here's Fred's Freudian analysis of your drawing. The bottom portion looks like a steam with rocks, that represents the time you regret that flows by. Above that, it appears to be an orchard, it represents food. You were looking at the cookies, weren't you? Above that, the cris cross bars represent the prison of your work. I can almost feel the grip of hadns on the bars as you rattle then and scream to be set free. And the top is the mulitverse predicted by quantum physics.

My Freudian conclusion, you need more sex.

Arlene said...

Ha ha. Fred, you are so funny. I havent drawn anything in ages,either, Cate, but when the lovely customer takes ten years to spit out a flower order, I might as well try patterns instead of clicking the pen so hard up and down on the counter they hear through the phone.

Barbara Elsborg said...

ha ha, Fred! You've missed your calling! I'm NEVER letting you see one my my doodles....