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I was thrilled to be included in a new series by Decadent Publishing and have a release date of the first day of a brand new year. Delayed a week, but what the hell, it wasnt me that wasnt prepared! I'd never heard of the term preppers before, but you'd think the concept of being prepared has to be internal in our genetic code or we'd not have survived as a species.
 Me? I'm neither insect. I'm too lazy to prepare for all the scenerios that could happen, but I also live in an area that can get 2 feet of snow overnight and power outages.  This morning I woke to a half foot, and wow, actually had gloves, hat and boots. Holding a cup of hot earl grey in hand, made from water I distilled myself so no oily residue, I didnt even think how life sucks as I pushed snow aside to drive to work.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Loaded Nook?!

Only from an awesome publisher like Decadent is there a chance to win a fulled loaded Nook. Just need to comment, the more often the better. I'd love to know what favorite drink you'd like to sip while reading any one of these awesome stories, including a quirky M/M romance based on Norse myths that features a villianous parasitic plant, a descendent of a famous vampire slayer, gingerbread house, candy canes and so forth. 
Here's the link. Good luck and have some fun.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coming Soon...

This cover is so perfect. From the bright lighting, the droplets on the guy, the correct season, I couldnt be more thrilled. A fantastic start to a new series by Decadent that I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blank Page

There's nothing like it. No editing yet, no reading a preceding paragraph wondering where it's headed, just an empty screen waiting for black on white imagination to fill it.
I suspect a tome of a novel that's been in the works for 4.5 billion years or so won't reach an ending in a few weeks. Regardless of this world gone or not, however many doorways open into unfamilar rooms, that blank page will be always there, waiting. How cool is that?
Hey, maybe the next group of calender makers will use a pic of a fireman instead.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Decadent Blog Hop Ever

DP Author Hop List

Wow. Over 45 authors giving away stuff. As you hop from blog to blog, think about a guy named Harey who has an incredible hopper for a friend.
No, Roger, I don't mean you. Forget about looney cartoons, I'm talking about a real rabbit. Your ancestor called a hare who became associated with a goddess by the name of Eostre.  
The origins of Easter are well documented in pagan past. Spring finally breaks past winter, a fertility goddess supervises and it’s party time beneath a full moon.

Of course, it took a novel to explain the true deal behind the myth of a big bunny handing out painted eggs. And a ménage. And historical fact. It wasn’t all fun and sex and true love and sex and acts of heroism and sex when writing about the man who made the Easter bunny popular. I came across an episode in Briton’s past that was quite shocking. I do hope I gave voice to the fallen and anyone who reads my story will think upon true sacrifice as well.

I am no angel. Gareth’s shoulders slammed into the ground. A heavy body covered him, and the adrenalin jolting through him made him feel like a powerful animal. But I am in heaven. He tugged his arms free, wrapped them around Harey and grasped the back of Harey’s head. And I do not care if adulterous sodomites go to hell. He jerked him upward and took his lips.
No time for tender exploration. He had to show Harey who he belonged to, and it was not some bloodthirsty deity, or the daughter of a mass murderer. What if Aethelfrith, the devil who had ordered one thousand, one hundred and sixty-five men killed so they could not pray against him, had still lived? Harey would have walked into his knife with a smile, a pet hare, and promises of painted eggs.
I will not let this man leave me again. Never. Not ever. He’s mine. Gareth fought back his moan and deepened his kiss. Harey tasted so good, fresh and sweet like Maura, but firm and bony where she was all curvy softness. He intensified the pressure, relishing the feel of the lips he had desired for so long, and Harey yielded. Gareth rammed his tongue in, danced around, and then back out to repeat. He had never held a body to mirror his own like this, captive over him, and the sheer joy of not being gentle saturated him.
Thank you!! for particpating. Do leave a comment with your email address because someone picked at random will win a copy of Harey, or any story from my decadent list if Harey is already on your ereader.
Here's the list to continue:

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It's All In The Eyes

 A masterpiece in progress.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Worth a thousand words? Oh Yeah.

It's fascinating for me, who can barely manage to make a realistic stick figure, how a handful of babble from me to someone with talent starts the process of bringing a picture to life. Artists are so amazing. A blank canvas and then--wow. I can't wait for the finished cover. I picked number one to pour some blood, sweat and color into.

Incoming Alert
Science fiction adventure.
The canvas created by Francisco Etchart coming soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nothing Like Release Days

Gwas can outrun a horse, knows how to hide and steal, but is ignorant of the ways of men. The last thing he expects when he is rescued from a miserable existence by a blue-eyed, blond haired angel is to be promised as a Druidic sacrifice to Eostre. Unfortunately, the only direction Gwas wishes to flee is straight into the arms and knife of his savior, Gareth.

Maura knows Gareth is no angel, but she adores him with a passion that time and loneliness cannot dent. When he rides in carrying an injured lad who fears her on sight, she is drawn to open her heart to the abused orphan as well.
Gareth is caught between his liege lord and brother’s fist, and an emotional dilemma that grows harder and harder to deny with every passing season. If he must defy man and gods in order to embrace his heart’s desires, so be it.
When the clash of old and new religions puts lives in peril, ultimate sacrifice bears witness to enduring love. Winter gives way to spring, and the evolution of a colorful myth spreads across the land.



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Hop Time-Works in Progress

2. WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM FOR YOUR BOOK? A spin off from a novel set to publish before the end of the year called Incoming Alert.
3. WHAT GENRE DOES YOUR BOOK FALL UNDER? Science fiction-adventure-young adult with adult themes.
5. WHAT IS THE ONE-SENTENCE SYNOPSIS OF YOUR BOOK? I leave the head banging details until after the novel’s written.
7. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO WRITE THE FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR MANUSCRIPT? I’m only 30K into it, and took a break to write another in submission at one of my publishers for a new series they’re working on. It could take me until next year to finish first draft of Blood Alert.
8. WHAT OTHER BOOKS WOULD YOU COMPARE THIS STORY TO WITHIN YOUR GENRE? Good question. I’m not sure there is a comparison.
9. WHO OR WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THIS BOOK? My mom. Four kids close in age making road trips difficult (we sang 'Rubber Ducky, you’re the One' nonstop for two states on the way from NY to FL), she told us about this six inch man that only good kids could see. I tried, so hard, and after a few years concluded that despite not hitting my brothers, keeping my mouth shut and all that, I was doomed to hell fires (yes, raised on guilt as a Catholic) and I'd never catch sight of the little guy who popped in and out of nowhere. I was quite pissed at seven/eight years old when big sis and dad said Santa wasn’t real. That’s when I stopped believing anything adults told me without science based proof, but I never forgot that guy I wanted to see so badly.
It’ll be a read they most likely won’t forget. There’s also a loose tie in to a sci-fi series that’s already released. Please message if you’d like a PDF file of Splintered Energy, book one in the color series, to see what a mind who really wanted to believe in little men, Santa, Easter Bunny, God, and so forth but got disillusioned, can come up with.
And!! Make sure you check out some fantastic authors by linking back or going to my awesome crit partner's site. Be warned. There will be Puddles to splash around in.
Barbara Elsborg

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Distinct Characters

For the hell of it, some time ago I copied from a sitcom where a guy had a line in a movie and kept trying to say it different ways. I used it to show character individuality. I’d misfiled the exercise and while searching for a synopsis, I came across it. Despite being awhile since I’ve been in colorful heads, I had no doubt which character spoke. When writing a large cast, it isn’t easy making each voice stand out and every detail helps. Even something as simple as having one use Christ and another Oh God when swearing. Now that I dont have a clue what to blog about, I figure I might as well show what writers do for fun.
1) “Christ. These pretzels are making me thirsty.”
2) “Geez, these pretzels are making me thirsty.”
3) “Oh God, these pretzels are making me thirsty.”
4) “These pretzels are making thirsty. Cool. Can I have more? You want some? Is it…”
5) “Damn pretzels. Give me water.”
6) “Pretzels are fun, making me thirsty.”
7) “I don’t care pretzels are making me thirsty.”
8) “The sodium chloride scattered on these pretzels binds the water molecule, making me thirsty.”
9) “I’m frightened that these pretzels are making me thirsty.”

Ans: Bryan, Aaron, Jaylynn, Evan, Damon, Caream, Narci, Mal and Jade.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

 The eagle, wolf, predators in general arent quite as impressive to me anymore. Amazing what herbivores can do when they wish to stand alone.

Some pics just scream photoshop in comparison so, shrug, I'm thinking the sheep really does have mountain goat genes.
FYI: There is no reason for this blog post other than avoiding the WIP and the empty flower cooler.

Monday, July 9, 2012

And the 1NS Blog Hop Winners Are...!

Grand Prize # 1 - Kindle Touch
#1404 - Erykah Wyck's blog - Yvette
Grand Prize #2 - $50 gift certificate
#135 - Kerry Adrienne's blog - Megan @ Riverina Romantics
Grand Prize #3 - Goodies from Coffee Time Romance
#326 - C.R. Moss's blog - Teresa T. Miller

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a huge thank you to Jessica for all her hard work organizing.

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1NS Blog Hop July 5-8

Dear Madame Evangeline,
As you can see by my attached application, I am an ideal candidate for your matching service. Unless you believe in ghosts (ha ha), it’ll be impossible for me to breach contract by attempting to find anyone who wishes to remain a stranger after a one-night stand.
This would surely be a risk-free set up for any potential date. Please consider leaving out details of my identity, as I fear opportunistic journalists/news reporters. With that in mind, I left the preferred height, weight, shape, race, personality, and so forth options blank. Clean with an XY chromosome is more than I deserve, and all this sinner would hope for.
If you’re wondering how one such as me could have the audacity to even contact you, well, what do I have to lose? I beg pardon for my crudeness, but seeing as electrocution is currently an acceptable form of execution in this sovereign state, I’ve fantasized for months about a bang the night prior to the roast.
I have the means to persuade the warden into allowing this rendezvous to happen. Authorities may agree just to avoid agitation between the anticipated media spectacle and me. There’s been much controversy concerning a woman in the electric chair for the first time in a decade, and the warden expects I’ll remain steadfast in my refusal to appeal or prolong the inevitable. With consideration of my right to exit this world sooner rather than later, I anticipate every home within a thousand mile radius will have their power off Saturday afternoon, two weeks from today.
I’ll be moved to the D ward shortly and unable to converse further with anyone but the chaplain and warden. Please consider this my last request.
Prison number 24609
Joan Bennett

Here's some trivia unknown before now to any one other than me and my plagarizing mind: I hesitated before hitting send and submitting this story, then changed the final digit in Joan's prison number from 1 to 9.
 I knew I'd be dammed lucky to get a contract from a popular publisher such as Decadent, let alone trying to get away with stealing from Victor Hugo (Jean Valjean, 24601).
 Les Miserables is a musical I could listen to repeadedly. I'm not sure the sound track would be my last request, but if it did happen to be playing I wouldn't object.
Here's aother bit of info that the world should already know: There's 32 participating authors in this 1NS blog hop, and a chance for two grand prizes. A Kindle Touch for 1st, and a 50$ Amazon gift card for second. But forget those prizes, and comment here for a chance to win the best, most fantastic...stop laughing...fine, what I sincerely hope will be a fun read. I'll pick someone at random to gift an e-copy of their choice of my stories with Decadent.  Tell me, what would you request for background music while the grin reaper stood over you?

So, short and sweet and to get to the point, it'd be awesome if you didnt  wait to see if you won Last Request, but grabbed it now. Decadent Publishing
and then  Click Here For Some Amazing Authors and continue the hop.
Thank you!
Arlene Webb, prison number not to be revealed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Damn B-and Bull-days.

I  just learned a person of importance to me wishes to mark a milestone b-day (big 30) in
July, 2014.
I have no problem with a 6'3" dude fleeing thousands of tons of horned pent up rage. I'm even confident he'd stop to bend, lend a helping hand to a fellow idiot who's tripped and then manage to continue without more injury than his hand being crushed as he pulls the guy up.
I think running is good for him and it'd be a memory of a lifetime.
But, I have a problem with participating in a stampede that is a precursor to a celebration of torture until dead. If I was to take a life, I’d opt for clean and fast. Causing pain for amusement, information, revenge only makes me wish to target the skull of the tormenter as well as the prospective hamburgers, spy, serial killer.
Being proactive, I have a plan.
If he doesn’t agree to also participate in a march the day prior, showing he gets the flip side of the coin, I could step up and do so for him.
That’s a problem. I fear there’ll be massive numbers of people dropping dead from horror. Regardless, animals have rights as well as humans, and he’s just going to have to man-up and promise to do both or, Spain, 2014 here I come. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Blog Hop

Science. Very cool. Science provides the facts so we can believe in things greater and smaller than the mind could imagine, at least without authors willing to pull reason out of the grey matter and force words onto the page. Here's a fact: There's a celestial show, as well as math stuff, to prove a day (June 20) will be the longest of the calendar year. Yeah, yeah, swallow your yawn. You don’t have to brace, readying to skim this post thinking I'll blither  about planets aligned, solstice, and science all by itself.
Fiction. Cool, even on its own without the adjective, very. But, just to be deviant, instead of fiction here's a non-fiction news flash: There's 37 fabulous authors sharing mystical or scientific blog posts and giving away prizes, including 2 grand prizes for a randomly picked pair, in our first ever SFR Brigade blog hop, all day on June 22. You just have to comment. 1st Prize - a Kindle Touch or Nook Touch. 2nd Prize -a library of SFR titles from over 20 authors and an Anabanana Gift Card. That's awesome science fiction to read under the stars.

Whaaat? Not impressed? Feel as if something's missing? Fine. We'll move on to the good stuff.
Romance. Not cool, but oh so hot and lonely when all by itself. Add fiction, and it gets better, yet a pair can be quite cliched. When science comes along to make it a threesome, science fiction romance, not much to say, except wow!!
Just think, if we'd never had the science to rocket from earth to the moon, never had fiction writers produce a world famous TV sitcom, we'd never know the ending to a great romance. I'm here to tell you that "One of these days, Alice." did finally happen for Ralph Kramden and it took science to find the proof, and fiction to claim that the romance, which had a not-so-happy-ever-after-ending, finaled on the longest day of the year.
And now, on to the promo.
I'd love to gift an e-book, the first in a series of four, to a commentator wishing to jump into my colorful world of science fiction romance.
Amazon  Please check it out. Do ignore that review from a reader who objects to romance in a sci-fi novel clearly labeled as such. In fact, only look at all the reviews with a full sky of at least 5 stars. If you hit that buy link while there, and you're a winner, I'll compensate by sending you book two or any other you'd like. Please leave an email address if you comment.
Ready to go onward? What a great way to celebrate summer than with some awesome writers!
Please click on the link below and make it so.
LINK TO SFRB and Blog Hop List

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Not Much to Say Except Wow!

IBD Verdict:
Splintered Energy is like the anatomy of light, spearheaded with a mystical plot, filled with colorful characters (literally) and yet so original & pristine.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Final is Out There!!


It seems unreal, and it's been a long and wonderful ride, but today the end to this series is finally published.
I have so many people to thank. Without my fantastic critique partners, especially you, Barbara, this would still be stuck in my head. Of course, maybe better for the world if it had stayed cemeted in a porous brain but (yippee!) too late now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ch ch ch changes, Turn and Face...

Time can either ravage or enhance a person. A decade ago, when my one and only left the nest and headed to college, a photo of yours truly captured a black and white soul, frozen in a clip of time-space.

Then I sat down at a keyboard.
Time stopped.
Ten years later, I look in a mirror and wonder. The new look is cool, right?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Under Color (book 4) has a Cover!

June, 2011 book 1 went live.
Hopefully, by May 31, 2012, the wrap to the Color Series will be out there so I can say it was under a year to publish a tome a decade in the making.
Greg Elsborg is the genius behind these covers. I can't thank him enough.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Milestone Moment

May 5, 2012. All but the last chapter, more like an epilogue, is in the hands of my long suffering critique partner.
An end for the colors, a tome a decade on the making.
It's finished, you seven bastards awesome personalities.
Now onward for the zillion coats of polish, but hopefully book four is as bright and colorful as a frickin never ending glorious r-word should be.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Dance! 5 star and Top Pick for Let it Rain

Every time I see that notice there's a review on something I've written, I debate whether I should open the email fast, like pulling off a bandaid, or wait until the day's ended and I could chug a bottle of vodka, and pass out as needed.
I usually open it right away and read as fast as I can, like that's going to change what's been said, stamped on a story with the permanence of the internet something I've written from the heart.

I'm thrilled to have opened this email from my publisher, MuseitUp, as soon as I found it. Not only the coveted 5 stars, but a top pick!!!

Night Owl Reviews


Author Page   Night Owls is one awesome site. They made me an author's page. smile.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Release Day!

It's awesome to be a part of DP's sizzling 1NS series.

Decadent Publishing

If a Tree Grows...

Forget wondering about trees falling, whether they cry out only if some one can hear. In the forest of authors, voices can murmur, chatter, and shout. Offer a novel for free, be lucky enough to have awesome sites help promo, and your voice can reach thousands. Many thanks to all those downloading book 1 in a series a decade in the making. Day 2 has started with 2550 copies clicked on. And I just broke into the top hundred in the entire kindle free store, number 2 for sci-fi!Amazon link for Splintered Energy

Free until Saturday, 4-28

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7 is Lucky? Hmm....

Tagged again. Thanks to a talented author and friend, Edith Parzefall, I've given in.
Here's 7 lines that are 7 lines down from the top of page 77 in a WIP that's taking me a decade to finish.

A slow brush over Aaron’s chest and stomach—precise, circular stroking, and Aaron moaned as Mal glanced at Jaylynn. “Be comfortable on his other side and I beg you to find forgiveness. My kill list has increased. Two miserable colors acted on ludicrous impulse, thinking they’d help me.”

Jaylynn crawled to sit on the blanket beside Aaron. This was getting stranger by the minute. Mal’s gaze sparkled now with such affection as he looked from her to Aaron, her heart started galloping again. She turned to Aaron. “I can’t believe Caream would ever taser Damon.”

           “Er…he means a green cutie and a sociopath. Oh Lord, Mal, I can barely talk. Your fingers…wow.”
Here's seven victims who'll most likely risk being struck by seven bolts of lighting because they'll ignore me.
Cate Masters
Fred Vrabinec
Barbara Elsborg
Laurie Green
D L Jackson
Sara Durham
Stacey Joy Netzel

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