Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Awesome Cover

How lucky can a girl get?
I have three spectacular publishers (Shadowfire Press, MuseitUp, Decadent) and a seriously talented artist (Greg Elsborg) for my inde-published series. Each of my covers has been special and my latest doesnt disappoint. I love how the title slants, a tie in to what the story's about and yep, mistletoe heading south isn't easy to take down.

Friday, October 21, 2011

5 Author Anthology. Very Cool

I'm lucky enough to be included with 4 of my favorite authors. We each wrote a 3000 word short. Angels, gargoyles, dragons, magical little girl whose head must spin, and vamps that don’t even come close to glittering. This is priceless to me, so after no debate at all, we agreed the price would be free.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Nov 4, 2011 MuseitUp Book Signing/Get Together

Check List:

1) Get all the damn flower debris out of car
2) Find your passport
3) Remember your passport
4) Go back in house and get your kindle
5) Go back in house and get Myles Logan. Hide him under the seat
6) Idiot. Put the box of print copies of Ashes in the back, under overnight bag with hopes customs doesn’t read a page and cart you in for questioning
7) Remember, canadian guards nice, american have no sense of humor. Do not mouth off. Try to let Natasha, editor for MuseitUp, do all the talking
8) Yippee!!! 7-8 hours across NYS, and then meet some awesome people in person. Life doesnt get much better

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World's Collide

Very cool to meet up with an online crit partner of five years or so.
DL Jackson is a lovely friend, amazing writer and a great person to tromp around a mall with while discussing plots, publishers and life in general.
The weekend doest get any better when I can spend the evening and a morning with my son, and then he goes off to watch some football game while I head to B&N.

Of course, next time I swear the camera battery won't be dead, or I'll at least have a spare AA or have figured out how I'm not turning the damn thing off correctly and draining it.
Maybe I'll even have a pen to sign the print book, and then Dawn won't blush all prettily when she pulls out one with bubble gum wadded through out it.
One thing I’m sure of, there will be a next time. Just a state between us, and so many worlds to chatter about.