Sunday, May 29, 2011

SSS. A clip from current release, Ashes

Thank you to all the SSS players. Your remarks mean the world to me. In this bit, Renold, a very confused man, is being lectured.

“Lyle has gifted me, a solitary being, more heartache than all my lives combined. I don’t like it when he yells, it frightens me, like your unhappy fingers do. I know he’s a twittering gosling lost in a gale, in need of his brother, but only pea-brained lemmings would assume a phoenix is capable of harm. Not ever…except…well, I have breathed in an occasional insect. They don’t always flutter when I spit them out.” Why was it going on like this? Bennu didn’t need to explain itself to a dirt crawler.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Debut Trailer is #1

Ashes Won!

My trailer will be posted for the month of June over at You Gotta Read Videos!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got Cover? Nah, Got an Awesome Cover!!

Coming January, 2012 from MuseitHot

Monday, May 23, 2011

Released!!!! A Paranormal Romance by Barbara Elsborg

The Rock
Desired by men and women, Eli’s good looks make sexual conquest easy until he attends a party at the Supernatural Museum, where they land him in deep trouble. He says no to the wrong women, and his punishment is to learn the ultimate meaning of loneliness.

The Stone Maiden

Much to her family’s disappointment, not only is Pepper single but she works a hard and dirty job as an apprentice stonemason. Pepper loves bringing stone to life with her chisel but struggles with the isolation that comes with being different. Then there’s her attraction to her boss, Alessandro, who appears to prefer men. When Eli materializes out of nowhere, Pepper can hardly believe her eyes. Now she’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Hard Place

His hands hardened by years training to become a master stonemason, Alessandro is an expert at his craft, but not in matters of the heart. A daily frustration when he’s in hopelessly in love with Pepper and the man of his dreams has disappeared. As Alessandro’s team begins to restore the Supernatural Museum, he, Pepper and Eli are drawn into the building’s secrets and risk losing everything they hold dear.


Rocked has one of the best plot lines, ever. Add in unforgetable characters, and Barbara has created yet another extraordinary world.
I'll add the Amazon link when they get it out there.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SSS. Bennu

A few lines of dialogue between Renold (human) and Bennu (non human).
Ashes released! on Friday!!

"Unlike you, I’m extraordinarily unique. Thousands of years have shown me that cannibalistic seagulls, tool using crows, parrots counting for a cracker, there’s not a feathered being as self-centered as the non-feathered—or as violent.”

“Now I’m selfish, stupid, and vicious?”

Bennu’s next inhale proved it correct on all three characteristics. Renold had forcibly relaxed his hands, but his scent steadily showed increasing aggression. He no longer smelled deliciously protective, but dark and dangerous as a cornered panther.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Please Vote

Please consider number 2. Polls are open until May 26th

Friday, May 20, 2011

Release Day!


Raw thirst dominated Lyle’s fantasy. Cracked ribs, battered leg, ankle bruised by the shackle, three broken fingers, deep slashes along inner thighs, and bone jutting through muscle in the left arm—it all lay crushed under the need for water. Images of shimmering droplets danced behind his crusted eyelids.

How long did it take for a male in his prime to die? The metal rod had been staked deep into the desert soil of Las Vegas. Lyle no longer struggled against the chain, tried to shelter his skin from the searing heat, or screamed for a soul with a shred of human compassion to help him.

Surrounded by low shrubs with a pungent crisp scent, there had to be reason he continued to draw in their aroma. His daydream with denial began to weaken as his thoughts hardened from despair into anger. Lyle pressed against his brother’s stiffening body, but no amount of friction created a response. Reality intruded with more stomach spasms and he grunted, shifting aside.

He willed himself calm, and focused on the message traced in the sand. He trailed his finger to edge the outline of the heart beside his name into a stronger, thicker image. The “L” blurred into an “M,” nausea clogged his throat, and the moisture in his mouth jarred him toward clarity.

The truth? Lyle was no longer part of a binary system. He wasn’t the half that needed water and medical attention hours ago. He was the worthless bastard who had to dig six inches further down, pull up a steel bar, and carry Myles home.

An imaginary hand stroked his head, the firm touch of male flesh soothed the tears on his cheek and his dead brother’s voice whispered in his ear, “Sorry, Lyle. Permanently separated—how weird is that? You mustn’t follow me. Move your butt. Find them instead. Avenge me.”

“Sure.” Lyle spat blood through his cracked lips. “I’ll get right on it.” Impetuous and irrational, Myles had always been the weaker. But Lyle, older by three minutes, managed to rescue his younger bro from every sociopath that befell him.

Not this time. Myles headed for a pine box.
Lyle headed toward damnation as soon as he stopped pretending he was Myles. The chain didn’t hold his leg tight, no sharp object had opened his veins, and not a bone in his body had been smashed. Lyle lay facedown in the dirt, alongside his twin, imagining over and over what it must have felt like to die like this.

How much guilt can a heart take before it goes quiet? And who dared to approach, interrupting his snuggle with the dead? A ripple of dust and a fluttering irritated Lyle. Hot air and cinnamon hit his face. He snapped open his eyes and jerked to his feet.

A dying buzzard? More like a deathly ill, midget flamingo. The creature that landed in front of Lyle appeared deader than Myles.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Days !!!                                        

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SSS. Bring on the Sarcasm

“Whacked as Logan sounds, Des, I’m pulling rank. Ignore us, fetch ice cream, and I swear, someday I’ll spill it.” The cop’s lips twitched, attention back on Lyle. “So there’s a pathetic microscopic amount of grey matter, an area of doesn’t matter, and a lot of inactive matter inside your skull?”

“Yes. I can give you the pie chart analysis if you’d like.”

“Just tell me what’s stewing in the dark matter.”
Ashes releases on Friday!!! May 20th. 

Check out all the awesome six sentence lines.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Son in All the Universes

Perfect card, if you own a florist shop and haven't spent a minute in over eight days on debut novel, awesome new book cover, only four chapter left to crit of fantastic novel of Barbara’s, and your dad coming home today after having a stint placed in the main heart artery, thus avoiding flower deliverys except for five, one of which placed him near a drug store where he popped a nitro pill and proceeded to take a four day break.