Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men Behaving Badly. Six + Sentence Sunday

 Joy's Creation
Valentine gala. Son of a love goddess, so forced to attend. Private room. Our hero is a liar. He does not have a tattoo. He is dusted to appear like a greek statue and wears only a mask, loincloth, and a custom made condom with a unique pattern, fitted for a god and undectable as such.

# # #

Cheia focused where the pattern began, below the head of his bobbing, grinning, drooling ‘oh so happy to see her’ dick. Touchmetouchmetouchme—pleasepleaseplease— damn woman.
Outlined in black, two dozen red stars glittered down each side. Dainty red hearts at his base formed the arrow tip, pointing at his balls.
Tension jittered through him, making him harder than the Statue of Liberty. Cu fell so deeply into the turquoise eyes peering up at him—he knew he’d never be the same again.

“Didn’t getting a tattoo like that hurt something terrible?” she asked.

“Yes. Hurts just talking about it. Kiss me to make it all better?”
# # #

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday--Joy's Creation

My round 3 of SSS calls for 3 pictures. All adorable, but not even close to the doctor's league.

Dr. Cu must hide his identity as the world's most eligible guy, the son of a love goddess and a warmonger, or he'd never get out of his office. The following is from my M/F erotica, Joy's Creation, in the Be My Naughty Valentine series.

        Dad was a caveman, and Mom wanted him to target faster and more often, not relish in the dance more than the actual penetration. Cu was a sick pup, he knew it and so did Mom, and he’d never break his habits.
        From the smell of his sweat to the exertion required, Cu got off on wood. When he pulled the string back, he used compressive force on the inner section of the bow’s limbs as well as placing the outer section under tension. The stored energy was then transformed into rapid motion when the string was released and the arrow shot free. The same basic physics applied from heartwood to his dangling dickwood, and he never failed to increase the intensity of climax when he recaptured the moment the string snapped and released.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Doesn't Get any Better!

Sweet, OMG, Oh MY,Yippee, doesnt seem to be enough.

6 Sentence Sunday--Round 2

Take down the human race before Christmas, or concentrate on getting a philandering guy to accept monogamy? What’s a plant to dew....
Here's a few lines of thought from Settia, in the story Rebel published in my Love Grows Wild in the Dark anthology awailable from Shadowfire Press.
'My vine would never hire a scum-toad lawyer to chew him free, strangle me dead, or creep off in pursuit of petunia. I’d make him forget the cheap, double-blossomed plants ever existed. I’d mold my little branches into his thickest one, as wide as I could reach, big, swollen hunk that he is. Bonded in eternal bliss, we’d watch hell day dawn together. Without a bipod alive, there’d be no one left to torture us for some obscure, human holiday again.
A horrid noise, footsteps heavy and familiar, shattered me from my happy place. With a poof, my fantasy exploded into tiny fragments of get it together, or I’d never see Vinesun down on one tendril in front of me.' 


Friday, January 14, 2011

Reluctant Heros

Here's to you, Roger.

Quote from The Telegraph, Jon Swaine, Tucson 14 Jan 2011:
Roger Salzgeber was the first voter in the queue to see Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a Safeway supermarket in Tuscon to come forward and restrain Jared Lee Loughner as he shot.
While those who assisted him have recounted their roles – resulting in praise from Barack Obama – Mr Salzgeber, 61, retreated and refused to talk to the international media camped on his doorstep.

After he watched Mr Obama's speech at the University of Arizona, however, he was persuaded to recall his act of bravery – and explain why he had shunned the limelight.

"I'm just that way. I don't wear the hat of 'hero' real well at all," he told The Daily Telegraph. "I just came to see my friend and my congresswoman, that's all. Then all hell broke loose."

Quote from Settia ( character in Rebel):
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Geez, I posioned one guy, this grower named Roger. Not like I tried to wipe out the human race or something."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is my first post of 6 lines, taken from the middle of my historical romance, Eostre's Hare, an easter submission published in 2010. Authors slap lines up on Sunday for readers and peers to check out. SSS is such a fun idea, started by Sara Brookes.

Plumes of black smoke had shown them the way. Curved peaks and then the sea behind them, Gwynedd Wales had been a gorgeous locale to raise an abbey.
It now lay in ruins. Shattered towers, broken main archway, the horses shied from the bodies heaped everywhere along the long, entrance pathway. Hundreds of men, throats slit, chests gutted, their white robes stained red. Trumpets, prayer beads, lay tumbled beside splayed fingers.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Sweet is This Trailer???!!!

Video created by my talented sister, Mary Kay.
Ashes made possible by my awesome publisher,
Problems in Vegas, thanks to Lyle Logan.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm in the running for pick of 2010 in the romance category for Eostre's Hare. Polls close Jan 14th.