Monday, November 7, 2011

MuseitUp Booksigning/Family Reunion. Montreal Nov 2011

 Lea. An remarkable woman, the founder of this Muse family.
 There's Litsa, co-founder of Muse, the gorgous brunette at the end of the table. Karen Cote is looking at Lea and the other lovely brunette directly behind Lea is Natisha, an editor who's known Lea forever and finally they got to meet in person.

Kevin has a fantastic smile. He wrote a young adult, Summer on Fire. He and his wife are fascinating Canadians I was lucky enough to be seaten close by at dinner the second night.
 Barbara, the blonde who looks like a movie star wrote, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor. She sold a zillion copies and had one young reader return after going home to read the book in order to get her picture taken by Barbara's side. It doesnt get any sweeter than that with the fans.

 Nancy, author of Laurel's Miracle is one of the nicest women I've had the honor of getting to know. Professional and thoughtful, her work organizing authors helped to made this event so special.
I dont know how many times Karen heard, oh my god, you're a goddess who looks exactly like your avator. Her husband, Cody sits behind her. The pair are not only adorable, I really hope they host next years event. Karen has a laugh that comes straight from the heart and a smile that looks like she swallowed a sunbeam. If you havent seen her website, the avators she's created of Lily and Jet, two hot characters from the pages of Erotic Deception, are so worth checking out in Karen's lounge.
Below, Joanne Elder holds a copy of her book, Spectra, one I can't wait to read and yippee, I have a signed print copy. Her husband Jim is as brillant as she is and we had such fun riding to the comedy club with them. If they hadnt been kind enough to offer us a ride, Natisha and I would certainly still be driving in circles in downtown Montreal.

Christine London is a romance writer. If you're ever heading out to a comedy club you must have her with you. Funny and sharp, she knows exactly what to say. No wonder she sells so many books.

Madeline had us all spellbound at dinner on Saturday, telling us of her childhood in rural Canada. She delighted me with the occasional eh at the end of a sentence. She should have smacked me when I giggled, instead of laughing.

Sara Durham is someone I can't wait to meet up with again. She sold way more copies than I did and didnt even get mad when I said damn werewolves and witches after each of her sales.  Lycan Moon is on the top of my pile to be read, asap. Her daughter, Michele is as sweet as she is beautiful. I had a picture of Michele in the red (yes red, not pink) dress she wore to the comedy club but it sizzled right out of my camera.
This stunning girl, Alex, is Lea's youngest daugher. And yes, she's wearing a tutu and wearing it well.

Good thing Ashes has a photogenic cover!
For some reason the shots I had of Heather Haven, Murder is a Family Buisness, and a good dozen or more amazing Muse authors who made the booksigning seem to have disappeared. I blame it on the picture of Michele in that red dress that burnt up a good portion of my pics it seems. I wish all the couple hundred in this family could have made the trip but maybe next year.

And the best for last. Litsa and Lea. The pair who make so many dreams come true.


Pat Dale said...

Wonderful photos! It is so good to be able to see those of you who made it to the event this year. Maybe next year...
Meanwhile, we'll all support one another as Muse grows and grows.

Heather Haven said...

These are fabulous, Arlene! Don't worry about the rest of the pictures. The ones you have are priceless.

Karen Cote said...

My darling, darling Arlene. Talk about emotional. It was so surreal meeting you and getting to actually hug you. You are priceless my dear friend. I just can't believe how connected I feel to you and of course others now that I've actually met you.

This has to happen again. Love you my dear friend. Beyond what I can say in this little comment box.

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Arlene, thank you so much for sharing your adventure and your photos. It makes it seem so much more real for those of us who were unable to attend.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Arlene, Thanks for sharing your pics. The ones that survived the 'red dress'. It's great to get a glimpse of the atmosphere and faces. The delight shows through. Great to 'meet' the authors through your experiences.
Now to start saving for next year, hmm.. maybe the year after. LOL.
Good to see how the family get- together went off so well.

Christine London said...

Love your wonderful personal remembrances and great candids. Thanks for the great blog!

Christine London

Barbara Elsborg said...

I could almost have been there, Arlene!! I wish I could have come and supported you. A little too far to fly! Everyone sounds such fun!!!!

S.Durham said...

Arlene, wonderful summation of the booksigning and great pics, sorry you lost some because of Michelle's dress:) I am so glad we got to sit together and share pedaling our wares , absolutely a dream come true. Got Ashes poised to read, among other authors books.

Hope next year to meet up again and I'm sure you'll out sell me with that hot new cover,LOL!

Hugs, Sara

Fred said...

The cover and author melt into one. Ashes is as much a part of you as your eyes,