Monday, July 4, 2011

Inde! A Fan! Life Rocks!

It's happened. The moment I've worried about, the reason I have yet to hop into Create Space where print books are set up, and figure out what the hell a wrap around cover is and how to spell out the formatting, whatever to my wonderful cover artist. I got a text a few minutes ago.

Can u fix an error end of chapter nine. The word, through, the r is missing.

I have a fan who cares. He's reading Splintered Energy, found a typo, and he made his wife text me, under the assumption I can do something to fix the problem.
Of course I can't. But I didnt give birth almost 27 years ago for nothing, and my son will surely figure out how to stick one letter in a word so I can reload it on Amazon. But I'll wait in case there's more text messages to come.
The main thing is, I have at least one reader who not only claims to love the book so far, he gets that need to strive for perfection to the very letter.


Fred said...

Awsome! An attentive fan, how cool is that?

Barbara Elsborg said...

It IS awesome. Let's hope son can fix it. I know I wouldn't have a clue.