Saturday, July 16, 2011

Contented Realism nestles beside Sci-fi. Romance in a Bowl.

The coconut doesnt care. It's not branching out, surviving on who knows what, or reaching for a different level of being.
I can't begin to guess who'll rot or go sour first. Hard skinned nut who's happy to simply exist, or exploring sweetie who tries for infinity and beyond.


Barbara Elsborg said...

Yes, you are officially weird.
I like coconuts!!!

Fred said...

I'll second the inoperably weird diagnosis. Freud would say the coconut is symbolic of the womb and the sweet potato is a phalic symbol, concluding that Arlene has been screwing around with sci-fi novel covers when she secretly yearns to get back to writing erotica. And I love coconuts, too. Can't say the same for sweet potatoes.

Melinda said...

Such an unlikely couple, the coconut an sweet potato. But cute.