Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Son in All the Universes

Perfect card, if you own a florist shop and haven't spent a minute in over eight days on debut novel, awesome new book cover, only four chapter left to crit of fantastic novel of Barbara’s, and your dad coming home today after having a stint placed in the main heart artery, thus avoiding flower deliverys except for five, one of which placed him near a drug store where he popped a nitro pill and proceeded to take a four day break.


Fred said...

Best wishes here. A stint is no small matter.

Love the card, by the way. I'm using that verbatim next time I buy flowers.

Melinda said...

I got a wrongcard, too! So sorry to hear about your dad.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Hmm, I thought I'd posted an inciteful comment here but I might not have waited to do that word recognition thingy and so my fantastic, hilarious comment has been lost forever.
YOu'll have to make do with - Nice Card!!
YOu already know your dad has my best wishes!!!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Hmm - twice I've left a comment and it hasn't appeared.
I love the card too!!

Cate Masters said...

Your son's a keeper! Loved the card. Hope your dad's back to his old self soon.