Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interview-Lyle Logan-Ashes

Sheriff Garvin
Clark County

Murder Interrogation. Tape: 1-23B
7PM Friday

Suspect: Lyle Logan. 6 feet, brown hair, blue eyes, Caucasian male, twenty-six, no visible tattoos. California resident, Los Angeles, valid driver license, no outstanding warrants

Victim: Myles Logan. Identical twin to suspect. ETD: 3pm this afternoon. Pending autopsy: femoral arteries cut, broken arm and ribs

Garvin: ‘Tell me what happened between you and your brother. How’d you know where to find him?’

Note: no reply, no eye contact, picking at dirt and blood under fingernails, both hands badly cut

Garvin: ‘I am sorry for your loss. A woman just got here from LA. Claims she’s your sister. Same blue eyes. A man’s with her, maybe her husband. I can tell…well, it’s clear Myles Logan was much loved. We have a serious problem here in Vegas. The perp who did this is most likely stalking another…’

Logan: ‘Fag. Say it. I don’t care.’

Garvin: ‘And I only care if this is a hate crime. You know anything about hate, son?’

Logan: Stop calling me that. I’m not your son. Of course this is a hate crime. What else could it be?”

Garvin: ‘Homosexuals aren’t hot news anymore. Hell, it’s understood that up to ten percent of the population prefers their own gender. Sexual orientation aside, explain how you knew where he was.’

Note: hesitates, no eye contact, picks up soda

Logan: ‘I implanted a chip in his right tricep.”

Garvin: ‘Excuse me?’

Logan: ‘Muscle above his inner elbow.’

Note: suspect drinks, spits and drops soda. Sits back, hostile body language

Logan: ‘Tracking device under the epidermis, the size of two grains of rice, encapsulated in glass. Emits an individual radio frequency identification code. The mate’s inside my keychain.’

Garvin: ‘You tracked him like a criminal?’

Logan: ‘I assume you know what a submissive is. My brother is…was…a man without a filter. Incapable of saying no. From his shirt off his back to sex of any form, he didn’t have a safe word. He loved humanity indiscriminately, and the only person he dodged pleasing was the one he loved utmost. He refused my pleas to shelter him from the lonely parasites who sucked him dry, taking advantage of his simplicity.’

Garvin: ‘He knew you followed him?’

Logan: ‘Always. He counted on me to save him. I failed.’

Garvin: ‘But he was aware you had this tracking chip?”

Logan: ‘Not sure he believed me. The doofus thought with me being the stronger twin, I’d automatically know where he was. He rarely drank and drugs made him loopy, but I popped ecstasy into his mouth. When he was drooling and giggling, I implanted it.’

Garvin: ‘Care to explain the blood traces in your jeep?’

Note: shrugs, narrowed gaze

Logan: ‘Cut myself.’

Note: fists clenched, eyes lowered

Garvin: ‘When did you last see him alive?’

Note: looks at wristwatch

Logan: ‘Twenty-six hours, fourteen minutes, eight seconds ago. Six last night, Myles smiled at me and went out the door. He’d promised Renold could take him for the weekend at the Casino Royal Roll.’

Garvin: ‘Renold?’

Logan: ‘Detective Michael Renold works vice in LA. Married, he’s not come out and—He. Did. Not. Kill. Myles. If anything, he’s devoted himself to keeping Myles safe these past four months. If there’s a man with my stepsister, he’d be Renold. Her husband and our dad, they’d both be at their church, giving thanks there’s one less of that ten percent in the gene pool.’

End tape one.

Note: exhausted but coherent, dislike of authority, voice tones angry and reluctant
Primary conclusion: guilty, first degree homicide

ASHES. May 2011. MuseitUp

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yes!!! It's A Wrap for Book One

Splintered Energy book one of the Color Series weighs in at a respectable 112,000. I'm confident, thanks to the best editor in the world, renowned author of 14 published novels, it's polished and ready to sit, frozen in cyberspace waiting for book two.

Rain Word is down on the pages, coming soon to a que, and ready to lose up to a whopping 10K.

I swear to treat the reader with respect. Just enough repetition from book one to make a new reader comfortable, but tweaked to differ so those that prefer to read a series in order won't feel the need to skim. Alot of work to do.