Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh, to have a daughter...

J & J at the rally in Washington, DC last week.

Thanks to being a working stiff, my plans to join son and niece at the Colbert-Steward rally to restore sanity fell through. There should have been one more person to add to the over 300,000?? crowd, but my lovely niece was thoughtful enough to send pictures.

On another exciting note, as of this week there's one more certified lawyer in our capital filled with over 300,000?? lawyer wantabes. 

In conclusion, regardless of the gender of my only child who never thinks to send his only mom pictures, I have it made. A niece to bail the son out (or keep him behind bars as needed), and a nephew with a doctorate as a professor of Psychiatry able to save him (or commit him to the padded room as needed).
It's not easy to restore sanity, loose fear, get out of jail, but with cousins like these, the nutball son who knows the feel of handcuffs (hopefully only in a police station) doesnt stand a chance.


Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh nice pics. I have no idea what that rally is however. Guess you need to be a Yank.
But lawyers - well the world can never have enough in my opinion!!!! I might be a little biased there.

chickenminnie said...

Apparently Josh & Co. found the only patch of unoccupied ground at the Rally!