Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wanted: Condo on the Sun

Ten Reasons To Live On The Sun
By Myles Logan.
1) Too hot for most people. Housing would be cheap.
2) Too hot for broccoli. We’d have to live on ice cream.
3) Too hot for Dad. If he looks up, he’d put on sunglasses and never see us.
4) Too hot for Mom. She wouldn’t make it far before she needs a drink. I don’t think they sell vodka on Venus.
5) Too hot for church. No one will look for boys burning in the sun instead of hell.
6) Just right for fires. My brother holds the spotted dog. I sit on the fireman’s lap and steer the truck.
7) Just right for rockets to bring supplies. NASA doesn’t hire stupid people. They’d send the best books for my brother to read.
8) Just right for me. The earth revolves around the sun. I’d paint a different picture every day.
9) There’s really only one reason to leave earth. That’s number ten.
10) Mom and Dad could never never never touch my brother again.
My name is Myles Logan. I am eight years old. So is Lyle. He’s my twin and we’re moving on January 3rd.

ASHES. May 2011. MuseitUp


Fred said...

What the hell? Is this for real? I'm getting a drunk abusive mother and dad that the kids want to run away from, is that the gist? Holy shit. See, when I was their age, I would have sent dad to live on the sun while mom and I stayed on Earth.

Arlene said...

Yep, you summed up this post beautifully, Fred. I need to 'hide' five answers on my blog, the questions will be released in a savenger hunt on the readers yahoo group with the publisher (chance to win ebooks and e-reader)I think in January. I'm too boring so my questions will be about the Logan twins. When are you gonna send me the link to your blog/website?

Fred said...

I'll send you one, as soon as I start another one up. I trashed the old one, too much personal stuff on there. At this point, I just use blogspot as a backup in case my computer crashes again. As for you being boring, far from it.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Poor twins. I think the sun might be a bit too hot.

Too late, Fred. I know where you live and I'm coming to Venus on the first available flight.