Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some favorite Quotes:

Eighteen won’t make it to nineteen. “Are all humans unable to comprehend not invading personal space? You’re a fool, in need of protection. I’ll fail. You’ll die. I’ll die trying to save you. Is your stupidity thanks to being young with underdeveloped brain?” Beyond frustrating. Teenagers were an obvious defect in the human species.
Malcolm James. Splintered Energy

* * *
‘It hurts, having your head cut off.’
Settia. Rebel
* * *
‘When in doubt, attack first, and then ask…wait, was it the other way around?'
Boyron. Incoming Alert
* * *
‘Thousands of years have shown that cannibalistic seagulls, tool using crows, parrots counting for a cracker, there’s not a feathered being as self-centered as the non-feathered—or as violent.’
Beni. Ashes

* * *
A river of blood pollutes the earth, enough to please every horned pagan bastard for generations. The spring goddess doesn’t want the lifeblood of good men, she wants renewal and commitment.
Gareth. Estore’s Hare.

* * *
When in trouble, might as well make it worse.
Joel. In Lieu of Flowers
* * *
A ruthlessly earned name means nothing without balls.
Rissa. Circle in the Sand
* * *
In hand drawn bows, the maximum draw weight is determined by the strength of the archer. If small penis syndrome isn’t a deal, along with prowess unquestioned, there’s no point skewering your prey into the wall.
Dr. Cu. Joy’s Creation

* * *
The rising moon always claims dominance, glimmering with the memory of those lost and illuminating those found with affection.
Rijo. Father’s Embrace

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Ooh and aren't they good!! With fascinating characters to match.
Excellent, Arlene.