Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Patience is a virtue seldom found in man, and never in a duck." Daffy Duck

The first stare down with my doggy friend who still watches over me with one evil eyeball, the other's fallen out. He's lost an ear too, but survived many tense moments with siblings and crazed mom trying to take him from me.

This moment, ripping apart plantae, surely lead to my inspiration to write about a plant who wishes to bring down humanity.

Baby steps, right?

The journey to fill space continues. What lead me to writing? 2% narcissism, 28% obsession, 70% boredom. Published October 2009 for the first time with a great publisher who believes in the power of words and that human touch of encouragement and approachabilty.

Then comes the hard part for a technotard. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Networking, Trailers--oh my.

Twitter, yep, on there and its easy. Maybe I'll even get a cool background one of these days.
Facebook. All set ( thank you Chris) not bad to navigate either.

Blog. Here I am (thank you Laurie) and for the love of god, why wont the stupid pictures stop moving and stay in place. Oh well, let them rule the page, what do I care.


Flick said...

Very nice, now I understand your madness. Back off, I say!!

Arlene said...

I will always, and forever, be in dept to you, Barbara aka Flick for helping me funnel that madness into reality. Thank you!!!

Laurie Green said...

LOL The world can use a lot more of your brand of madness, Arlene. (I think it's called creative brilliance.) Love the pics!